J.V. Johnson & Associates, Inc. has nearly 60 years combined sales experience in print, radio and broadcast, specializing in the areas of Shelter, Gardening, Creative Industries, Music Industries, Audio Hi-Fi, Home Theatre, Home Entertainment, Higher Education and Pets.

At J.V. Johnson & Associates, Inc. we believe in growth. Targeted results achieved by a committed development of long-term partnerships that address the needs of both of our clients. Those who’s product we choose to represent, and the thousands of advertisers that have trusted us year in and year out with their marketing dollars since 1993.

Rebecca Lyn Carrington, President – rcarrington@jvjohnson.com
Music Industry, Home Theatre, Audio Hi-Fi & Home Entertainment

Brett B. Moore, Vice President – bmoore@jvjohnson.com
Shelter, Creative Industries, Gardening & Home Entertainment

Marina Frisch, Account Manager – mfrisch@jvjohnson.com
Creative Industries & Gardening

Jeff Sloan, Account Manager – jsloan@jvjohnson.com
Home Entertainment, Video & Gaming Industry & Gardening

Lauren A. Greenblatt, Account Manager – lgreenblatt@jvjohnson.com
Music, Home Entertainment, Gardening & Creative Industries

Jennifer Bastin, Office Managerjbastin@jvjohnson.com


To inquire about representation by J. V. Johnson & Associates, please email us at info@jvjohnson.com